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Deadly victorian wallpaper

Image credit Have you been staring at your walls at home and decided to enlist the services of a Decorators Cheltenham way like http://jsdecorating.co.uk/ to...

Interior design with a twist

We all know that the way we choose to decorate our home says a lot about us, and the same can be said of the...
Home Improvement

Setting up a craft room

Having a craft business is an exciting business option and more and more people are looking at ways in which they can create a business...

Are mice dangerous?

The short answer is – yes. There are several illnesses that can be traced to rodents.  There are diseases that spread to humans directly: through...

Have I got a bedbug problem?

When you get out of bed in the morning with extremely itchy patches that weren’t there the night before, you could have a bedbug problem....

Thinking about your house conveyancer

Choosing a conveyancer can be a difficult decision, with a lot of information to consider and quotes to compare. It is usually more complex than...

The beginnings of Bristol.

Bristol is one, if not the, most prominent City in the South West. It is a huge hub for the surrounding towns and villages of...

Facts about going to university

For some going to university can be the best years of their lives and for others it can be fraught with anxiety. Once you have...


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